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Welcome to Mike Garrett's Home Page!

Hi there! Welcome to my reinstated home page. After a 10 year absence, I’m finally back again!  I guess that is why this page has that classic 80’s style feel about it – but hey, back when I was a boy, we didn’t have Macromedia Flash.  The most advanced technology we had were clunky tables. And we were grateful for them! Anyhow, nostalgia aside, these are places that I work with:

New! Or you can look at my picture gallery! (Ha!  That was new 10 years ago!!!)

One day I’ll put some of my holiday snaps up here too, so my mum can come here and see them, and then there will be some use for this website.  One day…

Or you can find out who was this guy? (10 years ago! – Good for the nostalgics amongst us…)

Or you can find out who is this guy now?  Smile!


Today's Words of Wisdom from Nobel Prize winners include:

scroll Bertrand Russell

scroll Richard Feynman

scroll Martin Luther King Jr

Here is a cool quote to make your trip to my space worthwhile:

    The great Zen Master says to the hot dog vendor, 
           "Make me one with everything".

Here is a great one that I love using out on my Dutch colleagues, just to tease them about their English skills:

  Two parrots are sitting on a perch.  One says to the other:  
           "Can you smell fish?"

These are the conventional ways of contacting me:

  • Phone: +31 610929640 (m)
  • Fax: +31 152697750
  • Real world: P.O. Box 6071, 2600 JA Delft, The Netherlands.

But of course the fastest non-intrusive method is e-mail: