Who is Mike Garrett (now)?

I am an Australian engineer, living and working in the Netherlands.  I am a product manager working for TNO Automotive, a Dutch research organisation dedicated to making road travel (and other things) safer and more efficient.  I help make the MADYMO software, and the pre and post-processing tools that go with it. I also run my own company, Delft Red, specializing in adapting simulation software to broader markets such as medicine, sport, and the insurance industries.

I live in the beautiful picture postcard town of Delft, (famous for being the home town of the artists JohannesVermeer, and Carel Fabritius), with my partner Helen (also an Aussie).

I like playing sports (running and rock climbing – mostly indoors here in Holland!), amateur art, making beer, and sampling the odd brew as well.

I miss not going out in Australia, and I miss not flying my Cessna 172 (it’s not here in Holland!).

Sometimes I like to make my own T-shirt prints, for example this one:

Faces of Mars

(Yep, that’s the Original Martian Face, a smiley face, and even Kermit the Frog – on Mars!!)

I support the Brights movement.  Here are some links if you too are a skeptic, an Australian skeptic, are into secular free thinking, or have other interests in common with me that I haven't added links to yet!

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