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Who is (was) Mike Garrett?

Mike Garrett (that's me!) is a PhD student at the University of South Australia, in the department of electronic engineering. I'm doing research on "the knowledge based control of high frequency radio networks". (If you know something about this, please email me!!!) Presently I am building a software controller using fuzzy logic with discrete outputs, and am looking at hybridising this with a genetic algorithm to search for near optimal membership envelopes and rule configurations.

I like playing sports (running and karate), going out (everywhere) and flying (a Cessna 172). I also seem to be in the part time business of helping people do their own HTML stuff! (Even though my own is nowhere near finished... Ha ha!)

Here are some links if you too are a skeptic, an Australian skeptic, are into secular freethinking, or have other interests in common with me that I haven't added links to yet!

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